Charlie Bears Pre Orders

  • Pre Orders need to be paid for in full, complete checkout as normal, all payment methods are available at checkout including AfterPay.  
  • Your order will then be posted to you as soon as we receive it into stock.
  • If your order contains several items and not all arrive into stock at the same time which is often the case then we will send you a PayPal invoice for postage as each order is ready to be sent.
  • Your Pre Order is guaranteed, we only offer for Pre Order stock quantities that have been confirmed by Charlie Bears.
  • Charlie Bears only give very approximate delivery times as to when bears will be available. Each years collection is put into quarters of possible delivery times. If you choose to place a pre order you will need to be prepared to wait up to 12 months or possibly longer for the arrival of your chosen bear. Don't plan on a bear being for a certain date as in Birthday or Christmas gift ect, as this cannot be guaranteed.
  • Pre Orders are non refundable so please choose carefully. If you wish to cancel you will be given a store credit for the full purchase price.
  • Charlie Bears don't supply progress updates throughout the year as to when stock will be arriving so this is why once your pre order is placed you will not hear from us until we are notified by Charlie Bears that we will be receiving stock of your chosen bear.