Charlie Bears Coming Soon

On the Charlie Bears Coming Soon pages you will find all the bears that we are yet to receive from each years collection. Each has a notification button so you can add your email to be notified automatically as soon as in stock.
Once in stock they will then be available for purchase on our Charlie Bears collection pages.

Check back often and like our FACEBOOK page as we will post on there every time new stock arrives as well, and if your lucky you might just see a bear you have been hunting for pop up.
Quarter 1 Charlie Bears for 2022 in-the-fur?
Each Quarter you will get to see all of the bears which fall into these time periods with an exclusive video with Charlie. The Quarter 2 video will be posted in April and the rest later in the year.
So, pop those paws up and take a peek at some of the exciting new bear cubs for 2022.

Charlie is here today to show you part one of the 2022 Q2 bears.
This is your first chance to see them up close and in-the-fur and we are presenting our bear-utiful Plush, Bearhouse and Signature characters, who should start appearing within the next few months.
So, grab a cuppa, put those paws up and get ready to fall in love all over again! Also, bear in mind that part 2 will be coming beary shortly which will show off all of the Q2 Isabelle bears.
As a special treat, Charlie is here today to show you all the Quarter 2 Isabelle Lee collection for 2022. So, pop those paws up and relax for a while whilst she talks you through these brand-new bears and take your first peek of them in-the-fur. Who will be choosing you today?