Collection: Perfect Potion

Run your fingers over a stalk of lavender and inhale its soothing scent; smell the revitalising scent of a eucalyptus leaf as you crush it in your hand; or scratch the rind of an orange to release its fresh, zesty aroma.
What you smell are the molecules of pure essential oils that will surround you as you step into Perfect Potion.

Founded in 1991, Perfect Potion is the dream of passionate and qualified Aromatherapists, Naturopaths and Acupuncturists, Salvatore Battaglia and Carolyn Stubbin. Born from a passion for natural therapies, Perfect Potion is an Australian, family-owned pioneer in the creation of unique, sustainable, certified natural and organic aromatherapy and skin care preparations. Our vision is to help you, our community, and the environment to flourish by listening to, guiding and reconnecting body, mind and spirit.

We create and make all of our aromatherapy and skincare preparations in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility (solar-powered, may we add) in Banyo, Queensland. This means we ensure our sustainably sourced ingredients and products remain of the highest integrity, and offer quality preparations that are palm oil-free, vegan, cruelty-free, certified natural, and in most cases, certified organic.
Perfect Potion