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Unwined Candle Co.

Coconut, Lime & Sugarcane

Coconut, Lime & Sugarcane

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The ultimate refresher, this tantalising fusion revitalises the energy in every room. Fresh coconut and invigorating top notes of lime zest and lemon verbena are softened by base notes of luscious vanilla and buttermilk. This Unwined Candles classic is utterly irresistible and loved by one and all.

Our reimagined little reusable Air Fresheners are the perfect addition to any small space - The car, bathroom, bedroom, man cave or babies nursery! Literally anywhere.

Directions for use:

1. Remove wooden lid and remove plastic seal cap. (Do not discard)

2. Replace wooden lid and tilt bottle briefly to allow scent to soak into wooden lid.

3. Remove wooden lid and re-insert plastic seal cap then replace wooden lid.

Repeat above steps to refresh when required.

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